Mount Saint Mary's University

Instructional Design &
Canvas Support

Brochure Template

Step 1: Download Fonts

Step 2: Styling

  • Make sure to always use the predefined styles that are attached to this word document.
  • When pasting in content, ALWAYS paste by using the following method:
    • On a Mac:
      Edit > Paste and Match Formatting
    • On a PC:
      After you paste the text, click on the Paste Options that appears and select Match Destination Formatting.
  • To start a new paragraph, press enter. Do not press enter twice.
  • To start a new line press shift + enter.
  • Use the strong style to add emphasis to text instead of Word’s default font bold feature.
    To revert, apply the normal style to the text.
  • Try to keep the content length short and sweet. Less is better.
  • Speak in bullets whenever possible

Step 3: Exporting

Always export this document as a PDF when sending out to ensure fonts are embedded and any interactive links remain intact.

Step 4: Printing

If any margin errors pop up, show Word we know what we are doing by pressing the ignore button.